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The Journal of Ethics in Mental Health is an international, peer reviewed, web-based journal that publishes one volume per year. Submissions may be published at any time during the year, if accepted, following our review process.

The editors welcome unsolicited submissions that explore ethical issues related to mental health. Provocative articles, case studies, personal narratives, or commentaries related to previously published journal material are all welcome.

Queries to the senior editors are welcome from anyone wishing to sound out ideas for contributions. From time to time an issue may be devoted to a particular theme; when this is planned, the themes will be announced well in advance. (For some topic ideas please see the “Topic Ideas” list on this website.)

The Journal of Ethics in Mental Health encourages the submission of articles by academics, health practitioners, students, family members, caregivers, consumers, policy makers, frontline workers, and other interested persons.

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For further information about each of these sections, please see Guidelines for Authors

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