JEMH - Vol. 6, 2011/12 Supplement: Neuroethics

The articles below reflect ideas presented at the Brain Matters 2 Conference (Montreal, Canada) on May 26-27, 2011.

Table of Contents


Background: Brain Matters 2

  Brain Matters 2: Capacity Building for an Ethics Responsive to Patient and Public Needs
Eric Racine
Constance Deslauriers
Rémi Quirion


Special Theme Articles: Brain Matters 2

Peer Reviewed Submissions

1. A Link in the Ink: Mental Illness and Criminal Responsibility in the Press
Julie M. Robillard PhD
Judy Illes PhD
2. Ethical Issues in Psychiatric Applications of Deep Brain Stimulation: Learning from Canadian Healthcare Providers
Emily Bell PhD
Mary Pat McAndrews PhD
Abbas F Sandikot MD PhD
Eric Racine PhD
3. Psychiatric Applications for DBS: Using Epistemology to Assess Ethics in Research
Samantha Copeland MA PhD (candidate)
4. Neuroscience and the Treatment of Mentally Ill Criminal Offenders: Some Ethical Issues
Georgia-Martha Gkotsi JD PhD (candidate)
Lazare Benaroyo MD PhD
5. Preferences for Instructional or Proxy Advance Directives in Mental Health: An Exploratory Mixed Methods Study
Daniel L. Ambrosini LLB BCL MSc PhD
Anne G. Crocker PhD
Eric Latimer PhD
6. Narratives of Individuals Concerning Psychiatric Advance Directives: Qualitative Study
Daniel L. Ambrosini LLB BCL MSc PhD
Doerte Bemme MSc
Anne G. Crocker PhD
Eric Latimer PhD