JEMH - Vol. 4, No. 2, November 2009

Table of Contents
Entire Issue as a single pdf file:
I.  Editorial
Ronald Ballantyne MSW MBA
II.  Conference Report
Brain Matters - New Directions in Neuroethics
Barbara Russell MBA PhD
III. Articles
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. Neuroscience, Free Will and Responsibility
Walter Glannon PhD
2. Direct Intervention in the Brain: Ethical Issues Concerning Personal Identity
Farah Focquaert PhD
Dirk De Ridder MD PhD
IV. Frontline Perspectives
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. Core Strategies for the Development of a Clinical Neuroethics Education Program for Medical Residents in the Clinical Neurosciences
Daniel Buchman MSW PhD Student
Emily Borgelt MA
Judy Illes PhD
Selected Halifax Conference Proceedings
2. Educating Future Neuroscience Clinicians in Neuroethics: a Report on One Program's Work in Progress
Philippe Couillard MD
A Keith W Brownell MD FRCPC
Walter Glannon PhD
3. Quebec's Science and Technology Ethics Commission and Expanded Uses of Psychotropics: Ethical Issues and Recommendations
Me Edith Deleury LLM
Marie-Claude Côté BAA BSc MA
V.  Benchmark
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: A Charter analysis of s.39 of Nova Scotia's Involuntary Psychiatric Treatment Act
Jacquelyn Shaw BSc, MSc LLB LLM (cand)
Dalhousie University, Halifax, Canada
VI.  Research Reflections
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. The Ethics of Applied Research with Individuals with Addictions
Colin P.K. Perrier MSc PhD (C)
Holly Etchegary PhD
Nadia Palarchio MA
Peter Snelgrove MA
2. Mental Health Research through Clinical Innovation or Quality Improvement - A Reflection on the Ethical Aspects
Michelle Cleary RN MHlth (Nurs) PhD
Glenn E. Hunt BA MSc PhD
Michael Robertson MBBS (Hons) FRANZCP PhD
Phil Escott BA
VII.  In My Life
Incest Survivors and "Borderline Personality Disorder"
Andrea Nicki PhD
VIII.  Book and Media Reviews
Special Article
Ethical Issues in a National Mental Health Arts and Film Festival
Lee Knifton
Neil Quinn
Greig Inglis
Peter Byrne
Film Review
Building Understanding of Schizophrenia: An Extended Commentary on The Soloist
Timothy Krahn BA Honours
Book Review
Burdened Virtues: virtue ethics for liberatory struggles
by Lisa Tessman PhD
Reviewed by: Barbara Russell MBA PhD