JEMH - Vol. 2, No. 2, November 2007: Neurodiversity

Table of Contents
Entire Issue as a single pdf file:
I. Editorial
What is New with the JEMH?
Publication schedule, student award program, guest editors, options for "In My LIfe" submissions, word limits, indexing update, conferences
Ron Ballantyne, Editor-in-Chief
II. Guest Editorial
Special Theme for this issue: "Neurodiversity"
Walter Glannon PhD
III. Special Theme Issue Articles
Peer Reviewed
1. Neurodiversity
Walter Glannon PhD
2. Autism, Neurodiversity, and Equality Beyond the "Normal"
Andrew Fenton PhD
Tim Krahn
3. Neglecting the Social System: Clinical Neuroimaging and the Biological Reduction of Addiction
Daniel Z. Buchman B.A., M.S.W. (candidate)
4. Locked in Syndrome, PVS and Ethics at the End of Life
Grant Gillett MA MB ChB D Phil FRAC
Nick Chisholm
IV. Articles
Peer Reviewed Submissions
1. The Crucible of Anorexia Nervosa
Barbara Russell PhD
2. Part I: Psychiatrists and Social Justice - The Concept of Justice
Michael Robertson MB BS (Hons), FRANZCP
2. Part II: Psychiatrists and Social Justice - When the Social Contract Fails
Michael Robertson MB BS (Hons), FRANZCP
3. Part I: Conceptualizing, Framing, and Politicizing Aboriginal Ethics in Mental Health
Cyndy Baskin PhD
3. Part II: Working Together in the Circle: Challenges and Possibilities within Mental Health Ethics
Cyndy Baskin PhD
Toronto 2006 Selected Conference Proceedings:
4. Informed Consent in Child Psychiatry - A Theoretical Review
Jocelyn Y. Hattab MD
Yoav Kohn MD
V. Analysis
Case Selected for Invited Commentary
"Hey Bill, smoking is bad for you..."
A Case Submitted by: Paul K.B. Dagg MD FRCPC
Commentary by:
i. Julian C. Hughes MA (Oxon) MB ChB MRCPsych PhD
ii. Sameer P. Sarkar MD LLM
Actual Case Outcome: Paul K.B. Dagg MD FRCPC
VI. In My Life
Lakefield 2007 Selected Conference Proceedings
Leaving the Room to Scream - The Place of Mercy in Mental Health
Andrew Fullerton PhD
VII. Benchmark
Invited Submission
Ahmed v. Stefaniu - Is the Sky Really Falling?
John J. Morris M.A. LL.B.
VIII. Insight
Why I am Afraid to Write for this Journal - But Really Should Anyway
Why I am Afraid to Write for this Journal - But Really Should Anyway
Paul K.B. Dagg MD FRCPC