Sameer P. Sarkar

MD, LLM; Consultant in Forensic Psychiatry/College Tutor, Broadmoor Hospital, UK

Dr Sarkar is a consultant in forensic psychiatry and an associate in the forensic psychotherapy department of Broadmoor Hospital, England. He has trained in forensic psychiatry at the Maudsley Hospital, UK and at University of Massachusetts, USA. In addition he has studied law at Harvard University and also at Northumbria University, UK. Besides psychoanalytic psychotherapy, he has a long-standing interest in law and ethics and teaches psychiatric ethics at two London medical schools and sits on the ethics committee and the law committee of the Royal College of Psychiatry. He has published on psychiatric ethics in general and his special interest lies in the legal and ethical aspects of confidentiality. He has written for both the American audience through the Journal of American Academy of Psychiatry and Law as well as for the British audience through the Royal College journals. He is directly involved in training junior psychiatrists and is an approved speciality trainer and College tutor for forensic psychiatry trainees at Broadmoor Hospital. His main research interest is access to due process in mental health detainees. More recently he has been writing on professional boundary violation and is currently writing a book on ethics of forensic psychiatry with Dr Gwen Adshead to be published by the Oxford University Press.

Competing Interests/Conflicts of Interest: None to declare in the past year.