Special Theme Issue: IV. Ethics of Prediction

Guest Editor: Vijay A. Mittal PhD, Department of Psychology, Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois, USA


i. Clinical Staging and Pluripotent Risk: Implications for Ethical Arguments in Prodromal Research
B. Nelson PhD MPsych
J.A. Hartmann PhD
P.D. McGorry PhD MD
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2017
ii. Neuroimaging Biomarkers of Psychopathology: A Silver Bullet for Prediction, or Too Soon to Tell?
Jessica A. Bernard PhD
Joseph M. Orr PhD
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2017
iii. Ethical Considerations in the Use of Psychophysiological Methods to Identify Biological Markers for Internalizing Disorders
Huiting Liu MA
Lynne Lieberman MA
Stewart A. Shankman PhD
Publication Date: Dec 1, 2017
iv. Public Health and Ethical Considerations for Youths as States Move toward Decriminalizing and Legalizing Marijuana Use for Adults: A Need for Health Impact Assessments
Michael T. Compton MD MPH
Marc W. Manseau MD MPH
Ruth S. Shim MD MPH
Lynn Todman PhD
Date of Publication: Dec 12, 2017